This statement provides the basis for the continuing operation and management of the AussieChat2000 Chat Service and web site.

The AussieChat2000 Chat service is a free to the public chat facility; as such it can not be held responsible for the actions of either it's users and/or the hosting and room management staff. As a public facility, we provide forums for various interests and life styles, and encourage people to participate in open discussion on relevant topics. Based on healthy moral attitudes, this chat server DOES encourage use by all family members and there fore has  strict conduct codes. We encourage free speech HOWEVER, we do not condone any of the following:

- Topics of an explicit sexual nature 
- Any discussion of drugs/drug abuse (AussieChat2000 does NOT encourage the use of drugs)
- Harassment of Hosts or Users (no matter what the reason)
- Abusive or foul language (hosts are more than happy to let you know the boundaries)
- Threats of any kind either against this service or users of the service
- Nuking and/or Hacking of either the server or anyone of the users on the network
- Pornography of ANY kind
Any form of stalking that involves this system

Unfortunately, we have no control over what happens outside this system, and therefore cannot and will not participate in any discussions or mediations involving actions carried out by people away from this server. That includes abuse by email / ICQ etc. We will endeavour to maintain a high standard on the AussieChat2000 Network by following the guidelines as set out for your particular rooms. 

Hosts on the AussieChat2000 Network (whether) paid or unpaid, represent the AussieChat2000 Network; as such you will be expected to behave in a manner that commands respect from users and other hosts alike. The importance of this can not be over stated. Hosts have the responsibility of maintaining the level of the conversations with in their particular room. It must be noted that the rooms; The Lobby, Kids2000 and The Night Club are essentially provided for Children and Young Teens (respectively), with the exception of The Night Club after 8pm EST. These rooms are to be rated "G". The Night Club (after 8pm EST) is to be rated MAO. Host do have the power to kick / ban at their own discretion with out explanation, if they deem this to be suitable. Neither the hosts, management or site operators can be held individually or jointly responsible for any actions taken by a host this includes any possible causes for legal action.

Any discussions in these rooms that exceed the ratings as prescribed (see ratings chart elsewhere) are NOT tolerated. Hosts found encouraging these sorts of discussions will be terminated immediately. Users that instigate these topics are to be warned, and if they continue, kicked from the room. Anyone continuing the "banned" topics will be banned for a period of 24hrs. In extreme cases a server ban may be instigated after consultation with the Room Managers and Hosts.

Topics discussed in the Adult arena (The Penthouse, Dual Control, and Girl Talk) are to be considered AO, there are NO R/X Rated rooms on this network, and, there will never be any. This service is NOT for the purpose of "CYBERING" or obtaining Sexual gratification, although Hosts cannot monitor the use of private conversations.

Users (Chatters)
Have the responsibility to abide by the rules governing the use of this server; if they have not read them, they can find them via the Web Pages at http:\\www.aussiechat200.com.au; it is the feeling of the management of this server, that is it the users responsibility to view and agree to the terms of use of this system. Users that are found to be abusive , disruptive , threatening or offensive, may be banned from using this service for a period of 24hours (in the first instance), continuance of any of the above offences may incur a server ban; which will disallow access to this system indefinitely; this is seen as a last resort. In the event of a server ban, the host ISP (the user's ISP) will be informed of the infringement, and asked to warn the user of termination from that ISP. (under Australian Law, the user may be terminated from their ISP if they are proven to be causing disruption to services. However the operators of this server /network retain the right to refuse access to individuals or groups of individuals with out  notification or explanation. If as a user you feel unjustly treated, your case may be taken up for consideration, providing you have sufficient proof to warranty a claim, however as stated previously Hosts, Management and the Site Operators can not be held individually or jointly responsible for any actions taken by them.

This service DOES NOT support the transmission of pornographic material in ANY form, whether it be Audio, Video or Text. Characters (text) typed to the screen in real time has no way of being censored, it is there fore the responsibility of the host and/or users to ensure that this DOES NOT HAPPEN. Note - Text on screen is considered published material, and there fore falls under the censorship laws in Australia. International Users are bound by the laws governing this service in Australia - There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Users found to be dealing in child pornography, WILL be reported to the appropriate authorities.


It must be noted at this point, that advertisers on the AussieChat2000 Website, DO NOT, have any other affiliation with this service; as such they neither condone or condemn the actions of the management, decisions made on behalf of the management. They will not / cannot be held responsible for anything that may or may not occur during the operation of this service.