Parts to help you with the construction of your Robot.

Pic Description Notes Cost in Aud Additional Notes
Steel Feet, with Soil sampler  door fitted (not shown here). Laser Cut Folded / Welded No external weld, uses tab slot design for correct placement of panels. Ask  
Steel Ankle Plate (lower) Laser Cut / Folded - sold as a pair Ask 1
Steel Ankle Plate (Upper) Laser Cut / Folded - sold as a pair Ask 1
Steel Hinges (4 parts) Laser Cut ( DOES NOT INCLUDE HINGE PLUG) Ask 1
Stainless Steel Bezel and Acrylic Buttons with decals Laser Cut, mounting holes precut. Ask  

Picture Not Available Yet

New Stainless steel bezel 1/4" thick - Laser Cut , Polished and hydrabend bent  Bezel. (not suitable for acrylic buttons like above) $75  

 Picture Not Available Yet

Buttons to suit 1/4" thick bezel These buttons are laser etched, machined and polyester back filled. Colouring is determined by the lens on the light / switch used to light the button face. Set of 10 Ask  
Stainless Steel Crown Laser Cut, fins are press bent to shape. Requires drilling and riveting. (pilot holes pre cut) Ask  
Aluminium Waist Plate CNC Milled (12mm think Aluminium plate with keyway holes) Ask  
Plaque Cast Pewter plaque for you investment Ask  SOLD OUT
  GEC#267 Equiv. Flashing Bulb 300mw 6.3Volt Flasher bulb (sold in boxes of 50) MBC fitting Ask  
2 Piece Neon Hand made 2 Piece neon - red. (you may specify another colour if you wish) $ 240 3

Clear Nylon Screws 4MM clear nylon screws (used for attaching the bubble to the base plate) Ask 2
Acrylic Radar Section (upper and lower) (picture shows it attached to collar - not provided) All acrylic construction, laser cut  and assembled. Pilot holes are predrilled for the ears. Requires painting. Ask  

Low Voltage Regulator for Danaher and Micro-mo motors Fully adjustable from 1.2volts to Supply Voltage. Reverse polarity protected. Capable of running R/C Receiver or Walkman Style CD Player. Max output with out heatsink 1amp (For loads such as cd players and r/c receivers a heatsink is recommended but not required). $30
(inc postage)
1 - If purchased all together, these parts can be pre-assembled prior to shipping - additional 20$us.
2 - Includes postage
3 - This is an extremely fragile piece - please make sure you have it insured.
Postage costs - Smaller Items (ie Crown Kit, Bezel Kit , Hinge Sets and Plaques, are sent using Airmail all other items must be sent using YOUR choice of carrier. UPS/FEDEX etc are very expensive, how ever, if freight is arranged at your end, you will find that it is much cheaper than organising it from this end. Very Large items will require a freight forwarder to handle shipping. I suggest ABX Logistics, they are very cost competitive and fast, most deliveries are 7 days from pickup, this rivals Fedex etc for time and is usually half if not less, the cost of Fedex and alike.

FYI - I am not a manufacturer, I am a builder like yourselves. I check all the items before shipping to ensure that everything is in the package. Basically all I am doing is allowing people to have access to my sources, and I act as the go between to ensure that the parts are what you expect, and what you want. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me at