Problems seeing the chatroom zones and/or the chat applet
Most problems associated with the java applet are due to either the applet not fully downloading or your pc does not have JAVA Virtual machine installed. Windows XP users are the most common users with the Java Virtual Machine not being loaded. Due to licensing issues, Microsoft could not distribute the Java Virtual Machine with windows XP. Some of you may already have SUN's version of the Java Virtual machine. This DOES work, however fonts and layout are very different. We suggest you install the Microsoft version available from this website. You must ensure you have JIT Compiled enabled in your Internet Explorer Options. Failure to enable JIT will stop the applet from running. If you get an error loading the applet, hold the SHIFT KEY down and Press F5, this will reload the page and download the applet again.


A Red X appears where the applet should be.
The red X indicates that the page has not fully loaded.

Grey Boxes appear where the Applet should be
Java Virtual Machine has not been installed on the users machine


Java Compiler has not been enabled
To enable Java Compiler

Java Problems on One Web Site

If you cannot view a Web site that contains Java programs, but can view other Web sites that contain Java programs, follow these steps to resolve the issue:
1.    Click Start, click Run, type control inetcpl.cpl, and then click OK.
    For Internet Explorer 3.x, on the Advanced tab, click to clear the Enable Java JIT Compiler check box, and then click OK. For Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, and 6, on the Advanced tab, click to clear the JIT Compiler for virtual machine enabled (requires restart) check box, and then click OK.

3.   Restart Internet Explorer and then visit the Web site that exhibited the problem, and test to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

Problems with Connecting to a chat room:
If you can load the java applet and you have problems connecting to a room, there are only 2 possible reasons. The first is, you have a firewall and you have blocked the port required for this server Port 8000. If this is the case, consult the help files that came with your firewall most firewall software will allow you to open ports that you want.. The second possibility is, for some reason your IP address has been blocked by our servers. In the event that your IP address has been blocked, please contact, we will endeavour to resolve the block as soon as possible.

Abusive Behaviour / Room Disruption / Service Disruption:
When a user of this network enters a chat room, they receive a notice saying that they have read and agree to the terms on use of this network. Any chatter who does not comply with those terms can , at the discretion of the server operator, be banned from access. If you are experiencing difficulty with a chatter causing problems, please contact the operator in  #infodesk and report them.

It is a criminal offence to launch a Denial of Service attack against any business on the internet. We will prosecute anyone carrying out these sorts of attacks or involved in any sort of action that may produce detrimental effects to this service.


Windows, Windows XP are trademarks of the Microsoft corporation.