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Win a Lexmark Printer x-1140 / Photocopier / Scanner all-in-one.
Here's how.. Since Aussiechat2000 is a non profit organisation and relies soley on private contributions to pay for on going expenses, we have a registered members program. The fees to become a registered member entitle you to discounts on a wide range of computer equipment and peripherals. By becoming a member and paying the subscription fee by 1st of March 2004, you will be in the draw to win a Lexmark All-in-One centre for your home or office. Please note: This in no way implies that you have to pay to chat or use the services provided here.   [DETAILS HERE]

Super trivia is now reset on a monthly basis, so now every one has a chance to get a higher ranking :) Bored, nothing to do ? Then hop on line and join trivia madness in [SUPERTRIVIA]

Nick Registration.
Wow what a response! So many nicknames  have been registered. Nick Registration is required to create an online profile and to connect to the chat services. Once it's finally initiated, you will not be able to connect as an anonymous chatter. So get your nick registrations in as soon as possible. Please note, that only ONE nick name can be associated with an email address. Find out more here [Nickreg]

More stuff on the AussieChat2000 B9 Robot.
There has been a lot of work done on our B9 as it readies completion. After just over 2 years, the only things left to do are the vents, treads and motorization. He's looking real cool. If you haven't seen  him yet, check him out here [B9Robot] there is also a small mpeg file if you want to see him light up :)

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Virgin - Discount Airline
HP - Hp Computers / Peripherals (AussieChat2000 is powered by HP!)
CA - Computer Associates - Virus Protecting and System management
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What you should know about AussieChat2000
AussieChat2000 was originally created by a group that were "disowned" by another chat organization. Although we are not huge like some of the other chat services, we are here and will remain so.  We have stayed in touch with what our chatters want, and are endeavoring to bring to the internet a truly versatile and friendly experience. Please make sure you take the time to read the terms of use associated with this service. Since the operators of this service were / are chatters, the service is not run like many others (or should that be this service is run and others are not :S). We have a code of conduct that we ask you to adhere to for the pleasure of all.

Are we going to the Dogs??
Many people have asked about the dogs on the website, so here is the lowdown. This little boy's name is Ralph, 2 years old, he is a Mini Fox Terrier / Jack Russel Cross
This little fella is Ernie, also a Jack Russell, but unfortunately no longer alive.

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