Frequently Asked Questions about the new chat control.

Why a new chat control?
  The current chat control requires users to download and install the java virtual machine. Consider the differences between the java virtual machines from Microsoft  and Sun and the variance shown when using the control, it is much simpler and far less problematic to code a new control that does not use the jvm at all and at the same time allows us to customise the control and add unique features.
Why not use the MSN Applet?
  Because the EULA (End user licence) states quite clearly that it cannot be used on any other service other than MSN.
By using their chat control to hook into any other server / service you are in violation of that EULA.
Also by creating a new control, the chat service will remain stable as the chat server system does not need to
be changed or modified.
What advantages are in there in using the new chat control?


* The chat control does NOT require a java virtual machine, which means everyone should see the chat control in the same way.
* The chat control resizes with the webpage size.
* The new chat control has been written with chatters in mind. It has features that the experienced chatter can use, and features that the novice can use.
* It is modelled on the MSN chat control, but is not the same, it has features that have been included after many years of chatting.
* By using the chat control on Aussiechat2000, you have many of the features of the MSN control without violating the MSN EULA.
* Settings are saved so you don't have to set your font, colour, style every time you connect.
* You have the ability to use custom welcome, welcome back and away messages.
* In the future, Video will be built into the control so you can have video chat, file transfer is also a future improvement.
* The chat control has a built in help feature.
* The control can optimise your chat experience by adjusting itself for the performance of your pc.
Is this new chat control copyrighted?
  Yes, it is the intellectual property of Aussiechat networks australia, and may not be used on ANY other
chat service with out prior written authorisation. Written being a hand written authorisation from the author.
What damage can this control do to my pc?
  None that we are aware of. It has been tested on systems using Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003. It can be easily removed.
What should I do if it crashes?
   Close the browser page, or hold down the shift key and click refresh.
Can I save the link to the chat room in favourites?
  We suggest you save the rooms list as a favourite and not the actual room page itself. This will allow us to be able to update the room's webpage with out it interfering with your use of the chat rooms.
Does Aussiechat2000 or Aussiechat Networks Australia provide any warranty?
  No, the chat control is provided "as is". Aussiechat2000, Aussiechat networks australia  and / or it's affiliates
or sponsors provide no warranty in regard to the chat control's fitness for use, and / or any consequential damages
from the use of the chat control or failure of the chat control.
How often will the chat control be updated?
   At present the chat control is updated almost daily as new code is added to the control.
Are there any security issues relating to privacy that you should know about?
  No, the chat control is NOT spyware and in no way transfers confidential information to anyone.
How do I access help when I am using the chat control?
  Type /HELP in the send message box and click send, follow the instructions shown on screen.
If I have a suggestion for additions or modifications is there a way I can make my suggestion?
  Yes, email with your suggestions.
Will I be notified of any changes or updates?
  No, there is no need to. The chat control updates when ever it has been changed.
  Note - MSN, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
(c) 2005 Aussiechat Networks Australia / Aussiechat2000